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Carly and Chad

I love these two, and they are absolutely perfect together. Don't you love how friendships grow and develop even in the adult years? Hearing their thoughts on their wedding day make me excited for the day to come! But until then, these photos celebrate their engagement!  

Carly and Chad

Carly and Chad took a trip down to Kitchener to visit family and friends, and while they were in town we fit in a shoot! The weather was perfect and both of them couldn't stop smiling! Look for yourself!

Julia and Nick

Nick and Julia are one of the most lovely couples I've had the pleasure to shoot. I was able to capture so many candid moments due to their relaxed attitudes and their playfulness! Love oozes out of them ~

Nicki and James Wedding!

Nicki and James' wedding was gorgeous. They laughed and smiled through their entire wedding. You could really tell they were enjoying their special day to the max. Nicki looked stunning when I got there. Her hair went up in rollers and still, stunning. Her bridesmaids were so incredibly nice and beautiful also. James and the boys were having quite the[...]

Nicki and James Engagement

This gorgeous couple were SUPER fun to shoot. Actually, when we were talking about some ideas they said they wanted their 'puppy' with them in some of the pictures! The day of the shoot this GIANT puppy jumped out of their car! It was so funny.  Thanks for the laughs guys!