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Carly and Chad

I love these two, and they are absolutely perfect together. Don't you love how friendships grow and develop even in the adult years? Hearing their thoughts on their wedding day make me excited for the day to come! But until then, these photos celebrate their engagement!  

Sydney McElheran

This lady told me we've been friends for ten years today. How wild is that? A decade! She's always had a big place in my heart. She's kind and trustworthy and beautiful. She's strong and independent and authentic. She's Syd, and she's breathtaking, look for yourself.

Emma Lynn

Emma is lovely and beautiful and so sweet. We explored Uptown Waterloo and suddenly found ourselves on the train tracks chatting about this and that. We went 'deep' into a 'forest' where purses on the ground made people walking by expect bodies? Haha. We laughed and shot some great photos with the best weather ever. Check this girl out! Package: Se[...]


Julia is just the most natural beauty ever! She's also one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Just look at her!

Carly and Chad

Carly and Chad took a trip down to Kitchener to visit family and friends, and while they were in town we fit in a shoot! The weather was perfect and both of them couldn't stop smiling! Look for yourself!