Henry and Koen's 1st Birthday Video

Please watch in HD


This video was made as a surprise to the parents of Henry and Koen. I really enjoyed their party and there were so many moments that photos alone could not capture. Smiles and laughs and cake smashing. When I delivered the final photos, I explained I had taken a few clips here and there and would love to share the final piece with them, this video. The reactions were overwhelmingly positive, even with a few happy tears. It really shocked me, how something so small could have such an impact on them! I soon learnt the twin boys had lots of family far away that was not able to attend the birthday… but now, with this video, they could be there. Making this video has really shown me, again, that small acts of kindness have a bigger impact than we could ever imagine. Sometimes you see the reaction, sometimes you don’t, but regardless, you are making someone’s life a little brighter, and that’s all I want to keep doing.