Video is an amazing way to remember your once in a lifetime experience.

It brings you back in such a way that you’re back there saying “I Do” all over again.

Check out the Pricing Guide and send me an email to find out more about videography for your upcoming event.

What happens after you hire me as your videographer?

Well, first thing that happens is that the angels start singing and confetti is thrown around everywhere. No, really, this happens.

After all the celebration, I get right down to business.

Video is something I am extremely passionate about. There’s something incredible about watching your day happen all over again. All the emotions are captured in a way that makes them truly unforgettable. 

Video is an incredible art form. If done well, it can be a means to travel back in time to that moment when you said, “I do” all over again.

Our First Meeting

We’ll meet and talk about YOU. How did you meet? What are your hobbies, what have you started to think about when it comes to the wedding day, what are some must have moments you want captured? I’ll tell you a little about me, what you can expect from me and I’ll likely gush about how you both met for a while. I’m a sucker for love stories. 

The Wedding Prep and Plan Day

We meet again. (It sounds like some suspenseful movie, but I mean it in the nicest way possible.) This time we’re chatting like old friends. I’m treating you to a hot chocolate (with whipped cream – always with whipped cream.) and we’re having a good time, because the day is almost here! 

At this point you’ll likely have a much better idea for how your day is going to go. There’s a plan, maybe even an excel spreadsheet with colour coded tabs and formulas. (Hey, I’ve seen it all.)

We’ll be talking about the day of. Time that is dedicated for video and what is the plan of your photographer so that we capture video throughout it. I’ll also be guiding you through some of the key things about your day when it comes to videography.

We’ll chat about how much time to allot for videography and details about your day. Are you doing a First Look Reveal? Any interesting things happening during the Ceremony? 

We go through the entire day, and depending how many hours you have hired me for, we talk about the moments in the day that you really care to have captured and how to maximize my time with you. 

The Big Day Is Here! – Your Wedding Day

So here it is, the day we’ve all been waiting for. What is there to say? You get to enjoy your day, surrounded by loved ones while I get to capture it for all time. What an honor. I truly am so grateful you’ve chosen me for today (and that you’re still reading this insanely long page – I couldn’t hold back, I love Weddings). 

Video will be captured, love will be in the air and everyone will be so beautiful and so overjoyed. 

All video files will go through hours of editing to ensure they truly are their best and will be available for you to download!

So what are you waiting for? Shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!