All About Weddings

I have specialized in shooting weddings for over 5 years. Weddings are an incredible moment in time. Those last few moments before you are bound for life, the moment when two become one.

I love meeting and connecting with all the couples I am blessed to work with. I take the time to get to know you, hear your love story and develop a relationship before you’re ever in front of my lens.

You don’t just hire me for the day, it’s a partnership that I hope continues to build. I’ve now had couples who I met when I was asked to shoot their wedding day who have come back year after year for family shoots, christmas cards and even newborn homecoming sessions.

Seeing couples I witnessed getting married, now growing their families is a joy and they are relationships I truly cherish. The relationship between you and your photographer is key to making sure you feel comfortable and truly yourself in front of the lens, and it’s one of the aspects I focus heavily on – making sure both partners are comfortable and at ease when I’m around.

It’s in this way that I have found I’m able to capture those beautifully candid moments between loved ones, freezing that moment in time forever.

What can I say, I’m a romantic. 

What does having me as your Wedding Photographer look like?

So, you’re considering me as an option for your big day! First of all, thank you for the consideration! I am married, and I know how important it is to have the right person behind the lens when you’re living one of the best days of your life. One that only ever happens once in your life. No redos or retakes! (Sorry, did I stress you out?) 

But really! There’s only one wedding day. One day where you get dressed up to the max, where you’re surrounded by so many people that love you and want to celebrate you. There’s only one “I do” (Technically two… but you get what I’m saying right?) You can’t repeat this day, and you want someone skilled behind the lens making sure to capture your good side. (You’ll tell me which side it is when we meet, no worries, we all know our good side, ha!)

I’ve been doing this for over five years, and during that time I have learned that one of the most important things is the relationship between you, your spouse, and me. It’s how you let your true self out in front of the lens (even if you’re a shy one! I’ll get you too!). This is why I invest the time to get to know you. To hear about your story, to ask questions I feel will shine a light into who you are and what you like.

Our First Meeting

We’ll meet and talk about YOU. How did you meet? What are your hobbies, what have you started to think about when it comes to the wedding day and  we’ll start the exciting planning of your engagement session! I’ll tell you a little about me, what you can expect from me and I’ll likely gush about how you both met for a while. I’m a sucker for love stories. 

The Engagement Session

Sparks are flying, love is in the air, and you both look super adorable in your matching denim. No, really. The engagement session is one of the most fun ones. You get to let loose, I get to tell you some bad jokes to get you to laugh and overall, it’s just a good time with some beautiful shots in between. I like the realness, the candid moments, the times you don’t feel like you’re stuck in a fake smile thinking “Did she take the photo?” 

You’ll be interacting, talking to one another and making each other smile. But really smile. Because this is exciting times! You’re getting married! 

We’ll have talked about the session during our first meeting but we’ll have communicated often after that to ensure everything is perfect for the engagement session. From the location, to the outfits and perhaps even some props? Who knows what we’ll get into. 

All your photos will be available in an online personal gallery, ready to be shared or downloaded. And when I say all your photos I really do mean ALL your photos! (Except maybe that one where you blinked.) I don’t believe in making you pay for extra photos or anything of the sort. My thinking is, you’re in them, so you should keep them! I do go through each photo and carefully edit each one to ensure the best posible look for them (So you’ll be ready with photos you can print for your save the dates, invitations, decoration or simply killer insta shots when all is said and done).

The Wedding Prep and Plan Day

We meet again. (It sounds like some suspenseful movie, but I mean it in the nicest way possible.) This time we’re chatting like old friends. I’m treating you to a hot chocolate (with whipped cream – always with whipped cream.) and we’re having a good time, because the day is almost here! 

At this point you’ll likely have a much better idea for how your day is going to go. There’s a plan, maybe even an excel spreadsheet with colour coded tabs and formulas. (Hey, I’ve seen it all.) We’ll be talking about the day of. Time for photos and I’ll be guiding you through some of the key things about your day when it comes to photography.

Like the list of family members to get photos done with, if any at all (let’s not forget Aunt Susan!), how much time to allot for photography and details about your day. Are you doing a First Look Reveal? Any interesting things happening during the Ceremony? 

We go through the entire day, and depending how many hours you have hired me for, we talk about the moments in the day that you really care to have captured and how to maximize my time with you. 

The Big Day Is Here – Your Wedding Day

So here it is, the day we’ve all been waiting for. What is there to say? You get to enjoy your day, surrounded by loved ones while I get to capture it for all time. What an honor. I truly am so grateful you’ve chosen me for today (and that you’re still reading this insanely long page – I couldn’t hold back, I love Weddings). 

Photos will be captured, love will be in the air and everyone will be so beautiful and so overjoyed. 

Just like at your engagement shoot, ALL the photos from your big day will be carefully and meticulously gone over so that you receive the very best. All photos will go through hours of editing to ensure they truly are their best and will be available for you to download! 

Well, you made it to the end! You get a medal. Now let’s chat, send me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to be the one that captures the beauty that will be your Wedding Day.

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